Agc glass

Unlimited in its potential for building glass (external glazing and interior decor), automotive glass and industrial glass (solar, transport and high-tech). Plus new solutions offered by glass in the fields of communication and . Its industrial facilities comprise float glass lines, automotive glass processing centres and more . Stratobel Colour, the alliance of aesthetics and safety. More energy-saving options for every climate in the world.

AGC is the only manufacturer of both sputter-coated and pyrolytic low-e glass.

Explore AGC glass products. Der Koeffizient Ug (ehemaliger Wert k) wird nach EN 6berechnet. Glass pictured: Commercial Interior. Nominal thickness (mm), 4. Join LinkedIn today for free. Innovating into the future.

AGC Automotive offers an enriched and exciting lifestyle through glazing solutions installed on your vehicle. Alle Firmen-Infos und Erfahrungsberichte von Mitarbeitern und Bewerbern findest Du hier. The glass manufacturer will invest $40.

Fattore solare – g ( ), 8 88. Riflessione energetica – ρe ( ), 8. Trasmissione energetica diretta – τe ( ), 8 86. Assorbimento energetico – αe ( ), 6. Coefficiente di shading – SC, 1. Dotted line represents laminated glass. Double Laminate Monolithic. Triple Laminate Monolithic Monolithic.

Fire-resistant glass in XXL format: get to know Pyrobel-T. This glazing is available in very large sizes, even 2m wide and 4. Pyrobel-T meets all requirements for injury and breakdown safety at level differences and in facades. At a temperature above 1° C the intermediate layers foam. Images by Serge Brison, Marie-Françoise Plissart, Ghislain André (SAMYN and PARTNERS), Jan Bruggemans, Jean-Michel Byl, Simon Schmitt, Van Roey. Landscape approach The building follows the route of the Nhighway, respecting the . Communicating material means understanding its qualities.

The visual narrative brings the sensory dimension of glass to the fore, as a vibrant and unexpected material. On the environmental scale, it reveals the different impact of each pattern, using the icons of the design by Michele De Lucchi, creator of the collection. Learn more at Sweets today.