Cvt fluid

Konzipiert auf Basis von vollsynthetischen Ölen (PAO) mit einer speziellen Additivierung und Inhibierung, die eine . RAVENOL CVT Fluid garantiert eine optimale Kraftübertragung. It is formulated with full-synthetic, premium base oils, long-life friction modifiers, unique anti-wear additives and shear stable viscosity modifiers that help prevent oil film breakdown. Recommended for use in the following CVT.

CVTs require a unique transmission fluid with specialized frictional characteristics designed to ensure the belt or chain remains in contact with the pulleys without slipping.

AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid provides outstanding metal -to-metal frictional properties and excellent protection and performance for CVTs throughout . For the longest time automotive transmission fluids are known as MTF for manual transmission fluid and ATF for automatic transmission fluid. It would all change in the past decade or so when new technology allowedcontinuously variable transmission ( CVT ) to be used in cars other than those with small . Parts are just part of what we do. Get yours online today and pick up in store. It has been specifically engineered to have the unique frictional properties required for use in this type transmission.

Erfahren Sie mehr zu den Produktinformationen und Spezifikationen auf motorex. CVT FLUID SB GETRIEBEOEL aus unserem Auto Sortiment.

Eliminate the need to stock various CVT fluids ! For use in ANY belt type CVT. Suitable for use in belt and chain type CVT ( continuously variable transmission) application! CVT Fluid V (Van Doorne) is a highly advance full synthetic, long drain, red coloured automatic transmission fluid manufactured with advanced synthetic base oils and utilising state of the art additive technology for applications in many modern types of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT).

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid protects Continuously Variable Transmissions from premature wear and enhances performance. Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is new technology, for a more powerful and more robust stand-alone Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid.

This full synthetic CVT fluid is formulated with premium base oils, long-life friction modifiers, unique anti-wear additives and shear stable viscosity modifiers that help prevent . ATP AT-2Fully Formulated Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid is specifically designed to provide the best protection and performance in CVT transmissions. OEMs usually recommend specific CVT fluids for their transmissions. By carefully balancing base oils and advanced additives, it has become possible to formulate this fluid that meets the requirements of both European and Japanese CVT manufacturers.

This product may not be used in some hybrid vehicles, requiring . The fluid level check pro- cedure is as follows: 1. Check for fluid leakage. Find great deals on eBay for Nissan CVT Fluid in Automatic Transmission Parts. Lucas Synthetic Multi-Vehicle CVT Fluid is a premium, full synthetic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in passenger cars with steel belt-driven or chain continuously variable transmissions.

It resists shear thinning better than typical CVT fluids.