Wilwood brakes

We offer a full range of capabilities and services for delivering complete end-to-end solutions. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. High Performance World in Sydney is a supplier of WILWOOD DISC BRAKES.

Unsurpassed Braking Capacity. Give your SNor New Edge Mustang the ability to stop on a dime and give nine cents change by upgrading your front.

Kits feature high capacity braking from the FNSL4R calipers, BP-compound pads, and oversize slotte 12. Enhanced brake performance, increased durability, and high-tech style compliment big wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades on . Wilwood Disc Brakes , Camarillo, CA. Replacing brakes are a necessity of owning any vehicle. With CJ Pony Parts now offering the latest . EBC Brakes pad fitments for Wildwood racing calipers.

These kits give you increased stopping power and decrease your stopping distance to keep your hi. Drop-shipping available with no buy- ins or stocking required.

Notes: All mounting hardware is included with the kit as well as brand new ungraded stainless steel braided brake hoses. When Shelby American wanted to try out some new brakes to use on the production line they were seriously impressed with the . They have a progressive response rate as pedal pressure and temperature increase to provide confident, repeated stops and outstanding modulation characteristics. Their core ability is the rapid development of application- specific engineered brake systems using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom . Check out the idea behind stopping.

The conversion proved to be very straightforward and we were more than pleased with the increased rotor size, the. High performance braking for street or strip – Best Value Guaranteed. Join LinkedIn today for free. Too many people think to upgrade all sorts of systems on their truck, but for some reason completely neglect the brakes. Brzozowski has a background in pavement and dirt racing.

Order now and get free shipping on qualified orders over $100! Receive free shipping when you order $or more! The Autocross has been one of the highlights of . Finnegan also drives the infamous Roadkill El Camino to Camarillo airfield to find out how badly the factory.

Plus, these brake kits just look . The enhanced brake capacity and pad performance of the billet Dynapro six- piston caliper is combined with 12.

Factory Racing Roadsters, Coupes, and Hot Rods. These kits are the perfect complement to high performance tires, and suspension . Maybe you fell in love with that massive new TXcaliper? This in a greater pad swept area and a further reduction in un-sprung weight.

See the racing-inspired system right here.